Your Contact List Is Dying.
Automatically Detect, Respond and Re-Engage Your Most Valuable Asset

Four Killers that Erode the Value of Your Contact List​

We all know we're supposed to monitor for these events, but face it - it's too hard, too time consuming, and hardly worth the effort.  So instead, we delude ourselves into thinking we have a healthy list because the number of contacts is growing.   But what if we're actually growing the morgue faster than our green pastures?  How would we know?  What should we do?  And how do we automate this process to never deal with it again, ever?

Unengaged Marketable

They don't open your email, they don't click, and they don't engage.  Sure, you can push mail to their inbox, but these folks are tuning you out.
Learn how to identify these contacts and automatically re-engage them.

Opting Out

The're really just not that interested in you.  Infusionsoft heard them say "go away" and listened, but these people are still in your campaigns, giving a false impression that you have more in your prospect list than you really do.
Learn how to simplify removing dead-weight from all your campaign to get better business metrics you can then act upon.

Unengaged, Non-Marketable

These folks have ignored you so long, that you are invisible noise.  You're likely in their spam folder.  Best practices say you should let them go, but hope springs eternal... 
Learn how to identify this dead weight and automatically prune them from your list, yet still preserve purchase history if they were a customer.

Hard Bounce

These folks changed their email.  Or they died.  But your still sending them email.  Infusionsoft knows better, but you keep trying anyway.
Learn how to automatically ID and pull these contacts out so that your deliverability and engagement numbers improve.

What Others Are Saying:

Natalie Pere, Marketing Specialist
Generative Leadership

Wow, Ashley, you've made this process so easy for anyone using InfusionSoft to clean up and manage their list of customers! Fantastic! Thank you so much!

Terry Schmidt, Founder

Very helpful! You know Infusionsoft inside and out.

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