Optimize Your Infusionsoft Email-list With These Powerful Campaign Automations

Stop wasting money due to a “leaky” and inefficient Infusionsoft list and get access to powerful, set-and-forget Infusionsoft automation that will increase the health and engagement of your account.
  • Do you suspect that you aren’t making the most of your account? (kind of like owning sports car that you can’t get out of 1st gear?)
  • Is your email list growing in size, but decreasing in performance?
  • Are you seeing a bigger list, yet lower open rates?

Hi, I’m Ashley Guberman from Primary Goals,

I’m a certified Infusionsoft Partner and Infusionsoft expert.  For the last 5 years I have been helping business achieve consistent growth and efficiency out of their Infusionsoft campaigns through strategic automation.

Corpses don’t Count as Contacts

The first campaign I install in every Infusionsoft account I work with helps us see the real health of the account.  It makes no sense to use artificially bloated numbers by taking credit dead contacts who will never respond.

The results are almost instant and it’s the first step towards building a healthier email list with better open rates and engagements.

I’m in! What are the automations and how do they work?

Automation #1 - “The Efficiency Squeezer”

Imagine you had a “little black book” of contacts, starting from when you were 12. Over the years, some folks made it clear they never wanted to hear from you - blocking your number - but you left them in your book forever. Over time, you’d have a thick book that’s not very useful, and you’d be carrying the extra weight (paying for contacts) that are not benefiting you.

Unfortunately, that’s the default for Infusionsoft. It knows who opted out, and it won't contact them, but nor will it remove those people from your active campaigns. So those nice performance views Infusionsoft gives you?  They have bloated numbers because the corpses are still in there.  It's time to clean them out.  

But if some of these corpses are former customers, we've got you covered.  We can keep those people around, but still pull them out of your active campaigns.

Do it once, then put it on auto-pilot forever.

Automation #2 - “List Cleaner”

Did you know that 25-30% of emails go bad every year? Yet you keep sending email to bad addresses because it's too hard to identify these contacts.  Over time, that will negatively impact the health score on your account and potentially decrease your deliverability and open rates.

Automatically identify addresses that bounce after 3 times, then stop trying.  These are more than transitory problems, and when you keep trying, it slows down deliverablity for your valid contacts.

Set this up once, then put it on auto-pilot forever.

Automation #3 - “Thriving or Dying list notification”

This automation helps you immediately identify if your list is thriving or dying. It helps identify contacts at the point of disengagement.  You sent how long a customer can go without opening or engaging with your content.  Then, when they cross this threshhold, you can trigger a re-engagement campaign automatically.

And if these folks still don't engage after a greater period, then they are completly unengaged, and you can safely remove them from your campaigns.

This automation helps you identify this dead-weight so you can pull them from your account, reducing your cost and increasing your overall health and deliverability.

See which of your campaigns are really working.
Make decisions on trustworthy data.
Optimize your Infusionsoft account.
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Take a look at what our happy customers had to say about our services

Wow, Ashley, you've made this process so easy for anyone using InfusionSoft to clean up and manage their list of customers! Fantastic! Thank you so much!

Natalie Pere - Marketing Specialist,
Institute for
Genereative Leadership

Very helpful! You know Infusionsoft inside and out.

Terry Schmidt - Founder,

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