​​​​Executing an Audit

This page outlines the steps you need to go through to perform an audit on an existing Infusionsoft site.

Request that your application gets added to the application. Right now, this is still a simple but manual process. Just send an email to the administrator.

On a Windows PC, launch Auditing application (ISF-Audit.exe)

Press the “Connect” button, which will ask for your credentials. (Soon it will also handle the firewall issue, removing the need to give the admin your IP address)

Select your application from the upper right.

Press the Sync button in the upper left to pull up this dialog (which will be changing considerably in the future)

  • Section 1 is about getting your API authorization… ignore that for now.
  • Section 2 is about pulling all the data from Infusionsoft over the API. For now, you have to do manual exports of tags, categories, and products. Tag categories are a pain, as there is no export button from InfusionSoft. Name your files like this:
    • appname-TagCategories.csv
    • appname-Tags.csv
    • appname-Categories.csv
    • appname-Products.csv
  • Section 3 is about READING the exported data and putting it into the audit database. Import the data files in the order listed above.

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